My name is irrelevant. I am a millenial with a passion for literature, current events, politics and equality. I am your modern literary feminist. I have a B.S. in Psychology and an MPH concentrated on Maternal and Child Health. I have been a feminist since I learned about the movement at age (14). I was brought up to believe that women’s voices are inferior to men and children should be seen and not heard. I profoundly reject both of these tenants of patriarchal society. Women’s voices are no less or more important than men’s, but for most of recorded history women have been silenced and men have ruled. Now it is time for a change.  I want you to know what these silenced women had to say and still have to say.  They were the pioneers but we must carry the cause forward.  Inform yourself here so you can become the bad-ass, change inspiring, fighting for equality feminist you were born to be.


Your Modern Literary Feminist