I’m tired and I wanna go home

I’m out at a bar with a bunch of medical students celebrating one of their birthdays. Celebrating is a stretch. There are 9 of us sitting around a table outside at a patio bar and I’m blogging. No one has even noticed yet because they are all so busy talking about school and medicine and people they know. I’m trying to be a good wife here but I’m tired. We have no money. I need to be at work tomorrow.

See, it is more than just wanting to sleep. I’m sitting here worrying about how much money we’re spending on drinks and cheese fries. We don’t have enough to make rent. It’s due in less than a week. How am I supposed to sit here and act like I’m having a good time when I know I need to be at work at 8am tomorrow.

I’m supporting my family right now. I’m supporting my husband through medical school, but I only get paid by the hour. If I’m not working we aren’t making money. I’m barely making our bills now. I can’t sit here and enjoy myself. These aren’t my friends, they’re his. These aren’t my stories, they’re theirs. I just want to go home so I can wake up early enough to work an 8 hour day tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day.

Am I wrong?

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