Gun Control Please; if you Think You can Handle it

Today a room of six year olds was shot up as they were getting ready to start their school day. At least one child is dead and 11 more (at time of publication) have been hospitalized.

Your thoughts and prayers are neither required nor desired.

However, if you would like to take action so that Im not writing this same piece next week, how many more shootings until we talk about control.

Few things you might want to know as an American:

  • There is a federal loophole that allows the sale of guns online or at gun shows without the necessity of a federal background check.
  • Mental health care is not uniformly covered in America, meaning the most vulnerable are the least likely to have access to services.
  • Walmart is the highest retailer of ammunition for private citizens in America.

Few things I have noticed:

  • Guns kill people at a higher rate than any other weapon (including bombs).
  • Guns kill people quicker than other tactical weapons.
  • That stupid saying “Guns don’t kill people, people do” is as asinine as saying pens don’t misspell words.

Now that we’ve a firm grasp of the obvious I would like to pose a question?

What do you, a private citizen, really need an automatic assault rifle for?

Any gun that can fire more than 50 rounds without reloading was engineered to mow down human beings. Let us set aside our differences in war time strategies, domestically, there is no need for you to have an assault rifle. “Because I want one,” is not a reason. You need to eat. I need to stay alive. You want a ridiculous gun. I need to stay alive.

So someone please tell me why we sell these to everyone in the country? I’ll wait.

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