The Hillary Pivot

This blog was originally intended to critique second-wave feminist literature, but that was when Hillary Clinton was still running for president.  That was back when we, as women, assumed we were finally moving forward toward equality.  That was back when we had time to study what we found interesting. No more.

But then on November 9th at 3:00 am my time, Donald Trump was declared the winner of this contentious campaign and became the next President of the United States.  (The significance of this news breaking at the Witching Hour is not lost on me.) Immediately we saw a surge in hate crimes targeted against African Americans, Latinos, Muslims, Women, and LGBTQ individuals and families. This is unacceptable.  These monsters have their platform, and I have mine.

So this blog will have to make a Hillary Pivot.  Unfortunately, this country is not yet ready for postmodern feminism so we will return back to the basics.  I see no need to review and critique books on feminism when women’s physical safety is now viably threatened.  Please follow and stay tuned for my analysis and critiques of this new country we have been plunged into.

Upcoming articles:

Who is the alt-right and what do they want?

Safety Pins are not enough.

The absurd pageantry that is a Donald Trump Presidency.

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